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Different seduction systems


In this day and age you need not stay depressed because you cannot seem to get a quick date. There are many different seduction systems that are meant to equip you with the skills to get you to seduce anyone, anytime. For more complete reviews on how to attract women, you can check out this site.

Seduction Mindhacks Live

This is a seduction system with live footage of two expert seducers. With more than 200 hours of the most excellent quality HD camera footage, anyone is sure to walk away with effective and quick ways to seduce any woman.

This system is the brainchild of former nerds Josh and John the former who has now successfully picked up and taken home more than 200 women and the latter at 178. The most amazing thing is that these two are really just ordinary looking men which assure anyone of success with the Seduction Mindhacks Live.

This system equips you with useful techniques to help you take advantage of female psychology loopholes. You learn that while the woman’s rational brain tells them to seek success and good looks in men, the emotional one will act instinctively. The key is to provoke such insurmountable amounts of desire that the rational is thrown out the window and you have her clamouring for you. Soon you can have the most proper and controlled ladies turn into a furnace of wanton desire for you regardless of how you look or the money you have.

The techniques borrow from proven sales methods that are sure to get the job done. The good thing is that with this system, success is within your reach without the mistakes that Josh and John made along the way. This program changes your thinking and makes you an absolute success at seduction.

It has a secret formula to get hundreds of women to fall for you. This secret works for all women alike making you the ultimate woman magnet. It is very much result oriented and guarantees success.


  • Comes with 60 money back guarantee.
  • Easy to follow techniques.
  • 200 hours of classic seduction videos.
  • Generous bonuses in form of videos.
  • Videos are easily accessible with internet access. Cons
  • Effort is needed in applying techniques
  • Takes time to see results.

Impulsive Desire Method

This is a seduction guide by Alex Carter. It banks on the addition of charm and skills that will drive your target crazy for you. The writer bases the guide on the premise that all women have the “impulsive brain” similar to what happens in gambling. That little thought that keeps the ambler playing chips way over what is rational. The key is to get a woman feeling as high as a gambler does when they win and get a surge of “pleasure hormones” around you all the time so that she becomes addicted to you.

The trigger in this method is desire not mere attraction. Impulsive desire will get you chosen over many other guys while attraction will get you noticed. It applies a couple of mind blowing techniques some of which are;

  • The Vacuum Technique

In this technique, you are supposed to show your vulnerability. Men have been hard wired to hide this and it generally is highly uncomfortable. Doing this however fosters a very powerful emotional bond with the woman. Playing on emotions is a smart move as emotional responses come from very deeply ingrained part of a woman’s mind.

  • The mouse and cheese method

You already have her emotionally attached; now you want to take the attraction up a notch. These emotional trigger manipulation tricks will get her doing just anything for your attention.

  • Furious magnet technique

This is for the broken up who want to rekindle the flames of desire from their ex girlfriends.

  • The direct indirect technique

This is the proverbial reverse psychology technique that will get her to do whatever you want while making her think it was her idea.


  • Clear, easy to use methods.
  • They help in more than one day pick-ups, dating, and relationships and so on as they apply psychology.
  • There is an audio version for versatility.


  • Some of the techniques seem strange to many men.

Hook your ex system

This system is the brain child of Steve Pratt; a relationship and dating coach. This is a step by step guide that assures you of getting your ex back regardless of what caused the break up.

It is based on the premise that the brain is made to seek pleasure and avoid pain no matter what. Since all good and painful experiences are noted, pain triggers are avoided and pleasure ones welcomed even in intimate relationships. You can only get back your ex if they do not connect you with the break up pain.

The Tao of Badass Review

Here comes the best crash course to attract women. Attract women tells you why no one is born with skills to attract women and that it is a skill we need to develop and acquire. Joshua Pellicer introduces these amazing videos that are a must watch for every guy. You will get the girl you want if you follow the simple secrets unfolded in these video series. Get answers on how to approach an attractive women or how to be your best in the first kiss. It is time you stopped making all those mistakes again and again. The worst part is that most of the men are not even aware as to what they are doing wrong. This is what Attract women is all about and it teaches the men to put their right foot forward all the time with women.
Here is what The Tao of Badass and these 10 videos on how to attract women is all about.


  • Exceptional quality of audio and video
  • Easy and interesting to follow
  • Teaches you on how to develop confidence
  • Learn the mistakes all men make
  • Get valuable advice on how to behave when with women
  • Get info for your first kiss
  • Get four free bonus books- Monogamy Vs Polyamory, Never Get Cheated On, Escaping The Friend Zone, Guide To Breaking Up
  • Weekly tricks
  • Interviews with other experts in badass
  • Very attractive and easy to follow
  • Amazing guide on men and women
  • Some untold secrets revealed for the first time
  • New audio interview, video, and lesson every month for those subscribed
  • NO hassle or bother to return


The Tao Of Badass is going to get you successful with women and help you discover the confidence you had all the time within you. Try out those exciting weekly tips and tricks in those exclusive videos. You will really find great direct contact and advice from the author, Joshua Pellicer himself. When you go through the videos and those free bonus books, you are sure to be left wondering why you were making all those mistakes all these years and letting go of those wonderful women in your life. Well, it is still not too late. You can go for these superb videos right now and easily get access to the mysterious world of men and women. Every month there will be fresh advice from the author, whether it is some more tips or a great interview.
Buy The Tao of Badass today and take the first right step to be a badass with women.

Seduction Mindhacks Live Review


Are you struggling with finding the perfect partner for you? Do you meet attractive women and always fail to ask them out on a date? Or you just don’t feel confident talking to girls you like and you feel like they are not going to like you?

Well. I have a solution for you Seduction Mind hacks Live was created by two dating coaches – Josh Lewis and John Mulvehil..

It is a video-based course that will help you get all the girls you’d like. How? Dating coaches deliver advice to guy They Explain how to be successful at approaching girls and your love life. You can check their promo video, in which they pick up a few random women and proof that their guide works. Seduction Mindhacks Live is easy-to-use system. Your learning materials are provided by videos, blog, their website and even mails.

The lessons are online and you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home. All you have to do after a lesson like this is to head out to the city and start applying what you have learn in real life. There are many topics you will parse, for example How to hook up with a woman the same night you meet her. How to talk to women, How to stop being afraid of rejection and failure.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using Seduction Mindhacks Live.

First of all, the pros.

There will be over 200 hours of videos available for you showing different techniques on how to seduce every women. The next, also very important one, is that this system was designed with the average looking guy in mind. You don’t have to worry that this will only work for wide-shouldered, rich men. Videos are very informative and easy to understand. You will learn tips and tricks that you can not only use when approaching a women but also in your everyday life. Other advantage is that you will most likely be more confident and you will believe in yourself and your abilities.

Now, take a look at the cons.

Apart from just watching the videos you will have to make an effort to actually go out and talk to women and approach them. Second thing you have to remember is that miracles don’t happen overnight. You have to practice these tips and than the real results will appear. In conclusion, you will learn a lot of useful information,tips and tricks but you still need to make some effort and give it a little time If you are find with that, Seduction Mindhacks Live is a perfect choice for you Good luck getting the ladies you want!

The Tao Of Badass Pdf Review


The Tao of Badass pdf Review for men is finally here.  So, if you’ve been having a hard time trying to strike a conversation with women or if you’re facing a myriad of challenges as far as dating women is concerned, then here is a detailed review of The Tao of Badass Pdf that will give you more inside information about this book and help you make an informed decision on whether to get it.

The author of these great ideas is one Joshua Pellicer and he advises his male readers to adopt the use of certain skills to approach whichever kind of women they find gorgeous or attractive.  It’s just a simple guide for every ordinary guy who’s interested in learning some basic techniques on how to get girls.

About the Author

This guy, Joshua Pellicer, conducted a number of research experiments before he even started to collect his ideas.  His knowledge and experience in the field of dating is extensive and therefore he is qualified to share his tried and tested methods with the entire world.  This relationships guru even hosts a show on national radio in which he shares some of his dating tips with the viewers.  During his shows, he also gives essential suggestions to men, mostly stressing on ways of seducing and retaining attractive women.  In fact, most people who have used his techniques have given them a positive review.

What’s in the Book?

Firstly, it’s in the form of an ebook so you can instantly download, save and read it on your computer or, if you prefer, you could print it out to have it available as a hard copy. (Personally, I’ve stored mine in Dropbox – it’s free – so I can read it on my mobile devices as well).

So, here are some examples of what’s inside:

What do you do if you’re one of many guys fighting for the attention of one woman?

Such cases are well covered in this book as it discusses all the sneaky techniques that can decrease the odds of other guys taking any specific woman home or just getting a date with her. Once you know your competitors’ weaknesses, simply use them to increase your own opportunities.

How do you go about starting a face-to-face chat with a woman?

If you’re not good with this skill, you should probably forget about having a one-on-one situation with a female in your bedroom!  This is the most important point of the seduction process as this is always a one-time opportunity, that is to say, you only get a single shot at making a first time impression and so if you spoil it, then you almost certainly will have also messed up any subsequent chances forever.

What to do if you’ve lost your nerve?

It’s no secret that self-confidence plays a pivotal role when seducing any woman.  Even the faking of confidence also works for a number of men and so The Tao of Badass teaches ways of doing this successfully if you lack inborn self-esteem.

How can I tell if she likes me?

Most importantly though, is the fact that The Tao of Badass Pdf explains various ways of correctly decoding the body language of the women you meet.  Armed with this, you will no longer have to continuously watch the body moves of the woman you are attracted to but will know instinctively what she’s thinking.

There’s more…………

Yes, there’s a Members Area you can sign into any time and get more videos, audio and free personal training from Joshua or one of his coaches if you want it.


Many guys (including myself) have reported that The Tao of Badass Pdf is truly helpful and engaging, with some claiming that with these techniques they have swept women off their feet in just a couple of minutes.  It goes without saying that when using Joshua’s advice, practice makes perfect – and what could be more fun than having to do this kind of practice!

If you’re in the ‘confusion’ zone regarding how to get girls (which is probably why you’re reading this!), The Tao of Badass Pdf Review could therefore not have been timelier.  If you were put off buying this fantastic source of tips and information on how to attract women because you didn’t know enough about its contents, here you go, you have it now!

Hook your ex system review


Have you recently broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend and you regret it? Do you want your ex back? Well, you have come to the right place. This Hook Your Ex System review will teach you everything you need to know about it

What exactly is Hook Your Ex System?

It is a simple guide that shows you endless techniques, tips and tricks on how to get your ex back. Learn how to get theirs attention and lure them back into your arms with step-by-step guidebook. Link your connections back to you ex and than you can try all the tricks and strategies that will make you powerful and confident to run after them.

How does it work?

It is divided into a few main categories and topics. You just follow these steps and you should have your loved one back soon. Here are a few examples :

  1. You will learn how to slightly introduce him to the idea of you two getting back together.
  2. By different techniques you will learn how to read your ex mind. And guess what- you will be exactly what he wants, needs and expects you to do.
  3. How to make your ex reconsider why he or she broke up with you and start having doubts.
  4. You will learn the “Love Amplifier” technique that will teach you how to make your ex boyfriend or girlfriend think that you are the most important person in their lives.
  5. Easy tricks to make him or her forget about all the problems you two had in a previous relationship.
  6. You will learn how to gain power over your ex and you will be the one that makes decisions in relationship.
  7. How to use the right words and communicate with them the right ways to make your ex feel like he needs you, misses you and wants you back.

That is just an overview of all the things you can obtain with this guide. But before you start I recommend you to check some of the cons and pros that you might come up to

First of all, the pros.

It is very clear and easy step-by-step plan that gives you a real result. You will understand a few basic psychology rules that can be used in everyday life. And most importantly you can get your loved one back. Now we should talk about the cons.

As we all know, nothing worth having comes easy. It requires a little bit of time and effort. It can be used for selfish and wrong reasons, for example wanting to get you ex back, while he or she is already dating with someone.

To sum up, Hook Your Ex System is a great ex back  program to consider if you really want to get your ex back. You have nothing to loose if you try it It is up to you if you choose to get your ex back or you move on and build a new relationship. However, I hope this Hook Your Ex System review was helpful and good luck in winning your ex back!

Impulsive Desire Method- All into you-Or so not


Single’? Just got dumped’? Madly in love with the girl next door? Or just trying to make her notice you’?

At some point, in this jungle of love and life, we’ve all certainly been there. What if there was a way, to get inside that special someone’s mind, and stay there for quite a while’? That’s exactly what Impulsive Desire Method is all about.

Written by Alex Carter, this simple, but interesting e-book, released exclusively online, teaches men how to make a woman take interest in you. The Method is based around a theory that there is certain part of the brain that triggers different emotions inside you Emotions such as desire, attraction and love are awakened in a woman’s body when the right buttons are pressed. Apparently, the secret way to those buttons are hidden in this book, according to Carter. The book is filled with tips on starting and maintaining an interesting conversation, methods on intensifying a woman’s emotions towards you, and techniques on keeping her interested and excited. There’s an interesting Shocking Arousal Method that makes her fantasize about you, and nobody else. With some of these methods, you quickly become the king of her world. The Impulsive Desire Method is basically your wing-man, the boost of confidence you need to make a woman go crazy about you

Does it work? Will her knees shake at the sound of your name?

If you have ever gambled before, than you’ll agree that there is this certain part of your brain that keeps you glued to your seat, cause as the wins get higher, pleasure hormones dance throughout your body, even though for a brief moment of time, it’s enough for you to keep you seated, and give it another spin. Soon enough, you’re addicted. Is there a part of a woman’s brain, when triggered, does exactly that? The key is to create a desire within, that makes her feel like you’re the only person who could give her what she needs. Pure attraction just does not do the trick. In my opinion, the book has a number of interesting techniques of triggering that “gambling effect” in a woman, but it also brings new ideas to everyday dates and hook-ups. I think a lot of guys might find the method helpful, as in improving their dating life, as I am sure that there are others who’ll think it’s just working too hard, and find some of the methods weird and strange. But, hey, if you’re alone on a Saturday night, why not give it a go? Roll the dice.